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Part 4: The Cebu Experience - Casa Verde - Cebu's Famous Steak House

Thursday, January 12, 2012Ryan Mach

The very first thing I wanted to do in Cebu was to eat. Pig out. That was my idea of a great vacation anyway. Indulge in food and stuff my stomach with local dishes until it bloats (but definitely satisfied). Fastfood, of course, is a big no-no.

I did my research in the boarding area using my friend's new notebook. While my companions whiled the time away by updating each other's lives, I busied myself looking for notable restaurants in downtown Cebu. I don't trust Google search that much when it comes to local cuisine recommendations, I'd rather go to PinoyExchange where you can find a plethora of sensible and reliable suggestions from people who have actually gone to or tried the place they've referenced.

(If you haven't already, go to and create an account so you can view various topics - from jobs and movies to OFW concerns and travel. The travel section alone has hundreds of topics related to, well, travel and specific destinations both local and abroad that provide helpful information.

With lots of people recommending Casa Verde in the Cebu thread, I thought it's worth a shot so I lobbied it to my colleagues. Surprisingly, everyone approved. "Great. Let's have dinner there," I announced, feeling triumphant. Two hours later, after dropping off our things at the hotel, we hopped on a jeepney in front of Magellan's Cross. It barely took us 30 minutes to reach Ayala Mall. I reckon it's because it was a Sunday and there wasn't much traffic. 
The mall was flocked with people. Casa Verde was swarmed with people. There was a 30 minute wait time (we didn't mind). It was fun to watch Cebuanos inside the mall. Ayala Mall has a Trinoma/Greenbelt feel to it but the fact that we're in Cebu made all the difference. People were chattering in a fast melody with thick Cebuano accent. I could only catch a few familiar words. 

What they say about Cebuanos being ethnocentric is hardly true.  Their repulsion towards the Tagalog language was barely noticeable. In Casa Verde, the waiters who took and served our orders definitely knew Tagalog.  Warm and polite people, they are.

And what they say about Casa Verde's generous servings is absolutely true.  Almost all of us went for steak (Two of the boys decided to stick to their stringent diet, which was eventually broken on the second day, proof that Cebu food can be hardly turned down). My plate had two mountains of steak! They're too huge I couldn't eat them all. I even shared half of it to the diet boys.
Casa Verde offers various treats that are sumptuous and authentic American. The overall aura of the restaurant is reminiscent of TGI Friday's.  It's the dishes that sets this restaurant apart from mainstream American restaurants in the country. Enticing treats such as David Deans Tenderloin, Callos and Baby Back Ribs are a must try. 
Lame photos but they're rather mouth-watering  
By the time we left the table, we could barely walk properly because our stomach were too full. It was just sensible to stroll around the mall but ViAnne (remember the girl who tormented me on the plane with her death-dfying question?) wanted - really, really wanted - to eat at Chocolate Factory, which is right in front of Casa Verde.  We ended up sharing a few slices of different cakes. It wasn't too bad. 
Pistachio Ice Cream from Dessert Factory 
- Average price per meail is 300 pesos, inclusive of beverage. 
- Apart from the Ayala Mall branch, there's one located along V. Ranudo Extension in Cebu City.
-Casa Verde in Cebu City also offers romantic outdoor dining experiences to customers.
-Other unique treats offered are Salisbury Steak, which comes with special gravy, assorted vegetables, and topped with mashed potato; sizzling squid and Raffitas with Chicken.
-It's always full with many people even on weekdays so better make a reservation if you hate waiting.
-For inquiries, you can call their Cebu branch at (032)-253-6472.
Ayala Mall at night.

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