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It's More Fun in the Philippines!

Friday, January 06, 2012Ryan Mach

DOT launched their new slogan "It's More Fun in the Philippines" (months after being criticized for its "Pilipinas Kay Ganda" campaign)  which trended both locally and internationally. Famous author Neil Gaiman tweeted, "#itsmorefuninthephilippines hashtag is a true one. They applaud loudly and hug you a lot," referencing his last visit in the Philippines in 2010, when he handed out prizes for the 3rd Philippine Graphic Fiction Awards. The new line with its clear message (although a bit longer than the previous Wow Philippines) aims to differentiates the country from its neighbors.

The website ( shows a few things that are fun to do in the Philippines such as commuting, getting upstairs and posting status updates - all of which feature scenic destinations in the country and are truly Pinoy. "Wherever you go in the Philippines, it's the Filipinos that will make your holiday unforgettable. Just ask anyone who's been here. In fact, Lonely Planet guidebook calls us 'among the most easygoing and ebullient people anywhere,'" the website said.

But naysayers are hardly impressed with the new slogan, some thought it's not creative enough and can be an easy target for sarcasm. The launching was criticized as well because it seemed to alienate bloggers and ordinary Filipinos by its traditional approach in the launch as opposed to an online, social media drive. DOT however promised that a bigger launch is underway and it will accommodate more people.

Regardless of the mixed feelings about the logo and the slogan, it's worth noting that Filipinos joined the fun by riding the agency's wave of optimism by posting positive tweets and FB updates about the Philippines.

I think the slogan is inviting, upbeat and optimistic. The logo is very Filipino too (banig!) And we just can't run out of things to say about what's fun to do in the Philippines.

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