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Part 2: The Cebu Experience - The Accidental Tourist Guide

Saturday, January 07, 2012Ryan Mach

In a lot of ways, Cebu is a city just like Manila. Densely populated, teeming with business,  very metropolitan. With these facts, it naturally follows that the transportation system in Cebu shouldn't be a problem. You can get from point A to point B without having to wait for eternity. This is what we had in mind while we joined the taxi queue outside the airport, when a random van owner lured us to take his service instead. We politely said no.

The taxi turn-over was taking a bit longer. We only had two days in Cebu so we couldn't afford to lose precious time. Manong Van Owner was still lurking near the line, eyeing us with friendly gaze. Arnold, possibly the most friendly guy in our group, asked him how much it would cost us if we took his offer. 

400, he told us. How much would it cost us if we took the cab to the hotel? Probably much higher because we'd be taking two (there were 6 of us).  So the van was a better option. We ditched the line and hopped inside his Innova. 
Turned out, the space inside the vehicle wasn't enough for us. Kyre, who was the biggest (that's the truth, buddy, no offense meant), didn't have enough room at the back to wiggle. Not really a problem because the trip from the airport to the Sampaguita Suites in Sto. Niño didn't take that long. Or maybe, we just didn't notice the time since we're busy observing the views outside and asking questions.
It's during this chit-chat that we got good suggestions of places to visit from Manong Van Owner. We didn't have an itinerary to speak of, so all ideas were very much welcome. Creating an itinerary along the way was fun!

You want to go to the beach?

Yes! I exclaimed most excitedly.

You should go visit Camotes. It's unspoilt, virgin.

Virgin. I like that.

Can we hire you na lang, Manong? Macri, the group's appointed treasurer, asked.

For 2.5k, Manong agreed that on our last day in Cebu, he'd fetch us from the hotel and tour us to famous spots in the city, most notably the Mountain View and Taoist Temple. He also promised to take us to Taboan (where you can buy sacks of danggit) and a Mango factory (where dried mangoes are sold at a much cheaper price). He also offered to take us to the airport, for free. Sounded like a good deal.

How do we get to Camotes?

There are daily trips from the port of Danao City. To get to Danao, take a jeepney going to SM then take another jeepney to Danao.

Pretty easy. We were excited.

Just a word of caution though, be careful when you're in Danao.

Why? I didn't know the answer until the next day.

-Van drivers will try to offer you a ride to your hotel. Don't brush them off. Most of them are rather friendly. You can't see their vans because these are usally parked inside. 
- Flagdown rate is similar to Manila's.

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