Cebu Experience

Part 1: The Cebu Experience - A Scary Flight

Saturday, January 07, 2012Ryan Mach

I had a few reservations on this trip. Fresh from CDO-Camiguin tour, I was financially burnt out and with the group of people I was with, I didn't really expect a backpacking adventure so spending, I surmised, was simply inevitable. The other reason that held me back was the bad weather condition. It had been raining that week and the weather reports I saw online were not helping. 
My friend ViAnne, seated near the window, started throwing some serious question

The sky that morning was overcast but at least it didn't show any indication of rain. I met my high school friends at McDonald's in Pasay fervently hoping that by noon, the sun would finally appear. Such wish was hardly granted. By the time we boarded the plane after an hour delay (Zestair), the sun was still hiding behind the gray clouds.  

I was busy observing the weather when ViAnne, one of my HS friends, suddenly blurted out a question that almost made me fall from my seat: "Do you guys know where you're headed when you're dead?" I'm sure my reaction would have been comical if someone recorded it on video. I was shocked and completely startled. It got me completely scared. The timing could not be more perfect. The airbus was preparing for take-off, and who knew what would happen next.
"Can we talk about this later?" I replied, avoiding the subject. 

But my friend wouldn't budge. She was persistent to know our answer. "I don't know. Maybe in heaven. Or perhaps hell," I said, hoping she'd drop the topic. But no, she didn't. She went on to explain why it's important to know our destination. 'Didn't you know we're going to Cebu.' I secretly got mad at her for making me wildly nervous. 

But perhaps it was due to her spiritual lecture that we had a turbulence-free trip to Cebu.  Our ascent was flawless and the entire fly was equally perfect. Since I was intent on avoiding the subject, I excused myself by playing Angry Birds on my friend's iTouch. I wasn't angry at her, well not personally anyway.  My punishment for ignoring the scripture came later when we were about to descend - my left ear was throbbing in pain and my eardrum seemed to burst. 
The pain eventually vanished (Thank God) as we marched our way toward Mactan International Airport, stopping on hallways for photo ops, excited to experience Cebu. 

A few tips:
-If you're traveling in a group, best to meet up somewhere near the airport so you can split the cab fare. Unless your trip is scheduled late night, expect heavy traffic.
-Alternatively, you can commute to NAIA from EDSA Rotonda by riding on a jeepney going to Nichols. Alight in front of the NAIA Terminal 3.
-Bring your own water or food. Prices are normally double inside the terminal.

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