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My New Year's Resolutions as a Travel Blogger Wannabe

Monday, January 02, 2012Ryan Mach

Traveling is a passion I want to pursue and really get serious about. The creation of this blog and regularly updating it are a testament of my growing love for travel. I want to document my adventure so when I grow old, I'll have something tangible to show to my grand-kids that I was a wanderlust when I was young.  (Oh grandpa, you were always small ever since!) Sharing my experiences with other people and tickling their travel fancy are both my ideal and noble aims. 

Since I'm new to this, I'm bound to make mistakes but as the old saying goes, it's through mistakes that one can learn. And one effective way to avoid mistakes is to determine one's own weaknesses then find ways to improve them. The list below includes some of the things I'm guilty of and as part of my new year's resolutions to become a good travel blogger,  I'll make sure to follow all items.

1. No more jumpshots
When jumpshots became a fad, I was one of those who dismissed it as a corny and overrated photo trick. At one point, I think I went too far by calling it 'an activity for losers.' During our Hundred Islands barkada trip however, I jumped in the bandwagon after seeing my friends having fun as they galloped and laughed and did crazy poses mid-air. 

But I have to admit, jumpshots are now passe, cliche, mushy and banal for travel blogs. It's cringe worthy to realize that I seem to be the only travel blogger hopeful who posts jumpshot photos on his blog. Loser. Yucky. Ew. So no more jumpshots from now on. Swear.

Broke this one because I was told it's not a cliche. I'm easily influenced. Haha.

2. Focus on the place I visit, not myself
Travel blogging is very different from Facebooking. When you post photos on Facebook, you brag about your experience and rarely share details about the seemingly awesome place you've been to. Travel blogging, on the other hand, is about sharing your adventure and experience. You rarely brag. Really, as the book of Travel Blogging Rule says, you shouldn't. (I'm making that up, obviously).

In line with my travel blog improvement goal, I'll direct my camera this time away from me and focus on the travel itself - people, culture, sceneries, panoramas, food, etc. Only problem is my point-and-shoot camera is busted! The lens is stuck and it won't operate. I must get another camera. Real soon. 

3. Take notes

I don't have a tablet, so I will just settle on journals

Memory can't be trusted all the time. The things and ideas you come up with can vanish before you even get a hold of your computer. That is why it's important to carry a journal or any gadget you can use to scribble down your thoughts. 

4. Develop more guts and travel solo
Traveling solo isn't for the weak. Travel snaffus and glitches are a possibility and these are things that hold me back from traveling alone. What if I get lost? The world is one big adventure and I'm just a speck. Would I be able to do it? I guess I'll have to find out. For now, I continue stewing my confidence and hopefully, I'll have guts to actually embark on my first solo trip scheduled this month. 

5. Save
Beginning travelers normally don't have other source of income apart from their day job. It's the passion for traveling that drives them to leave their comfort zone and explore the world. Passion for traveling - I have that. Savings to finance my fashion (I mean passion) - let me get back to you in a few months. 

I'm simply terrible at saving. My funds trickled down, which put me in a bad financial situation. 

6. Renew my passport
I've said no to a new number of invitations to travel outside the country because I still haven't renewed my passport. It got lost. No, it was actually stolen during a hold-up incident a few years ago. I was just too lazy to apply for replacement.

Still haven't renewed my passport. Bummer.

If the world doesn't end as scheduled, I can hopefully omit 'wannabe' from the title by the end of the year.

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