Why You Should Stroll Along Rizal Boulevard (When You're in Dumaguete)

Friday, February 03, 2012Ryan Mach

Almost as soon as the lamps are lit a glow appears on the horizon. The tip of a moonrise appears. Kerouac and Ginsberg want to watch it. We drop our knapsacks. I sit on the seawall between them. The concrete is still warm from the day. The moon pulls itself out of the water. Within minutes it’s sky-borne and the boulevard is washed in silver. - Elegies from Another Book, Bobby Villasis

You can't say you have been to Dumaguete without a walk on the the famous Rizal Boulevard. You just can't miss the place. It's right smack at the center of the city, very accessible and every local surely knows where it is. 

1. Rizal Boulevard is a popular landmark and a historical site. Jose Rizal was believed to have made a short visit and strolled here before going to the nearby island, Dapitan where he was exiled. 

2. Its old-world, provincial charm is palpable - colonial-era inspired light posts lining up the stretch, old acacia trees swaying with the sea breeze, locals walking leisurely at the promenade and cobblestone pathways, old structures across the street among other things. 

3. Even though it's located at the center of main commercial district (just a stone’s throw away from the boulevard), it still remains peaceful throughout the day. An ideal spot to while the time away, enjoy the sea breeze, take pictures, jog, walk, read books, write, meet friends.

4. It's also a great place in the city to experience the sunrise as well as the sunset while having a refreshing drink or just simply sitting and staring out into the horizon.

6. It offers quiet and serenity especially at night. A stroll after a taste of the boulevard’s action-packed night life is a perfect way to end a pleasant evening soiree.
Tempurahan along the boulevard
Musician serenading a family
A horse-drawn rig that clip-clops along the Avenida

A modern mansion in front of the boulevard
Coconut trees line up the pathway

One of the many disco bars
Foreign couple enjoying the view
Sprawling canopies of old trees
Old foreign guy and his lady
Huge acacia tree dwarfing the structure in the background
Kids having their own 'concert' in the park
Bethel Guest House 
One of the many old houses along the boulevard

Massage kiosk with interesting paint color

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