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Why You Should Date a Traveler

Sunday, February 19, 2012Ryan Mach

'Should' is probably a strong verb to use but that's pretty much the point of this post. And the point is to make those looking for a date see and realize that dating a traveler is the best oddball idea there is (not just for Valentine's). Let me set the record straight though that I'm not in any way referring to myself. Beginning travelers like me, who have lots to learn about the world out there, do not count. Anyway, here are some reasons travelers can be a good catch.

1. They will let you see the world in a different perspective. They can show you that travel is more than just a hobby - ultimately, it's another (and better) way of looking at life and the world. On your first date, instead of roses or chocolates, they'll give you a unique token he's bought from one of his travels outside the country. A ref magnet perhaps or a gong.
2. They're an adventurous lot. They love the thrill, the fun, the excitement - all the intense (but positive) feelings that come with traveling. Don't be surprised if they'll tell you that his hobbies are not watching TV or surfing the Internet. 
-"I love jumping off the cliff." 
-"When I feel a little lonely, I go swim with the sharks."
-"Skinny dipping is fun."

That's traveler Ed Suyo of Soloflighted preparing for his jump

3. They can be totally independent. That's not completely a bad thing and it goes to show that they're hardly clingy, they can give you the space you want every once in a while. Don't you always complain about not having time for yourself? Well, a traveler can give you that - space, time and more, while he enjoys traveling at some place around the country.

4. They're incorrigible cheapskates. Because their priority is traveling, they work their butt off to save, do sidelines and make extra income by blogging. With belts always tight and barely spending on a whim, they're likely good in budgeting and finances. 

5. They know how to shut up and listen. When they travel, they observe, they listen to locals and they walk away with great insight, knowledge and experience. They're always willing to learn and they have an open mind about different things, having been exposed to different beliefs, culture and ways of living. 

6. They are adaptable. They have traveled enough so they know for sure that things can go wrong sometimes. In such stressful situations, they hardly panic, they go with the flow and they turn things around. 

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