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Kanto Freestyle - Gourmet Breakfast in the Corner of the Street

Friday, February 17, 2012Ryan Mach

"Where do we eat?" That's the multi-dollar question we ask ourselves every time we go on lunch break. Apart from fast-food joints offering the same food everyday, there aren't many options available in Ayala during graveyard shift as far as dining out is concerned. When you don't have that much of a choice, you're willing to try anything and go anywhere just to enjoy dinner. There's a concessionaire in the office pantry that serves different food everyday but it's more fun to eat out because that seems to be the only way to give yourself a real break, however short, from being tied up at work.

The suggestion to try this unfamiliar restaurant called 'Kanto' somewhere in Mandaluyong came from an office mate, who like us has been on a hunt for good food near the office. But Kanto isn't near Ayala Avenue where our office is located and it's pretty hard to find. Nestled in the middle of a residential area in Barangay Plainview, this unassuming eatery proved hard to be spotted. Good thing our navigator, Madam who steered her own wheels, had an excellent sense of direction - part of the credit goes to Ka whose instinct saved us from roaming around the seemingly obscure place.
Kanto during the day. Photo grabbed from their FB page.
It's 1 AM and this part of the city was barely stirring, save for Kanto whose physical aura reminded us of some random eatery serving porridge and adobo to neighbors and hungry workers. Two young night owlers were guarding the establishment, ogling us with faint interest as we parked the car with much difficulty beside the street. 

Kanto, is a Filipino term for rendezvous, a local point of meeting and reference among city dwellers. It is a homage to the familiar Filipino source of affordable yet delectable food. Affordable and delectable are exactly what would best describe this unassuming karinderia look-alike mini-restaurant that serves gourmet breakfast just the way you like it. Can you consider eating at a shabby-looking gourmet house a fine gourmet experience? 
All delectable. Photo taken from their FB page.
Wait till you finish your food and I'll bet my last dime you'll say "Hell, yes!" 

You will notice from the get go that Kanto doesn't have fancy set ups (don't expect a comfy couch-style seating); what it offers is just a relaxed, fuss-free vibe where diners can order food off a menu listing with that down-home fare. You can hardly say the ambiance offers comfort, but if you're merely looking for real food, then Kanto's humble breakfast selection can satisfy your cravings. The menu, perhaps spawned by the same person who owns a quasi-waterhole nearby, lists Pinoy breakfast staples with elegant simplicity —nothing too adventurous, just familiar food you can find at other famous food establishments like Tapa King. It's the presentation that can easily win you over. Simple yet tasteful. They don't serve scrambled eggs American style at Tapa King, do they? 
Yummy! Photo taken from their FB page.
The Batangas Beef Tapa (Php90), with non-greasy and succulent pieces of tapa served with garlic rice, scrambled eggs and pesto tomatoes, is a hit in the making. Their maple pancake topped with flowing strawberry and blueberry melt (Php90) is a tasty and satisfying dessert (a single order is best shared). 
Fluffy pancakes with mixed berries. Photo grabbed from their FB page.

We heard their Crispy Pork Belly (90) is also a bestseller. We'll try it next time we eat there for sure. 

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Kanto Freestyle BreakfastMandaluyong
San Joaquin St. Brgy. Plainview
Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila
(02) 400-2268

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