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Romblon | Sunset Watching in Azagra

Monday, April 29, 2013Ryan Mach

"One loves the sunset when one is sad," said the Little Prince in Antoine de Saint Exupéry's most beloved story. If that were true, then we might be as well a bunch of sad, emotional and sorrowful souls who simply happened to be in a pretty lonely place on a peculiar afternoon waiting for the dying sun. Could be very poetic if that was the case. But we were far from moping.
Tired, yes; but lonely, no. Spending a whole afternoon in the gorgeous island of Cresta de Gallo made us all a little worn out. Still, when our tour guide asked us if we wanted to watch the sun set in Azagra, a small sleepy town nestled at the foot of Sibuyan mountains and ringed by Sibuyan sea on the west coast, we couldn't say no. A little downtime couldn't possibly hurt.

The beach wasn't impressive; the sand was grainy and course, small rocks and pebbles carpeted the entire stretch of the shore. What it had was a true laid-back and rustic charm that you could only get from a very remote town, miles away from the city.
The place reminded me of my childhood, back when life was simple and uncomplicated.
In the distance, we saw young boys play basketball in a makeshift court just beside the large dirt road. We also saw goats grazing and young girls lounging on the grass carpeted shore watching the sea.
The sun seemed to be in a hurry to retire. The sky had turned into a canvass of bright colors - saffron, red, yellow, pink and orange.
It's indescribably beautiful. We shared stories and laughter as we watched the sun disappearing in the horizon.
[Photo by Marj]

[Photo by Jhyng]

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