Batangas to Sibuyan: 13 Hours on the Sea [Photo Essay]

Friday, April 26, 2013Ryan Mach

"So this is how you go home?" K, one of my friends, asked me as we were huddled in one crowded section of the busy terminal in Batangas Port. By how, she meant the stress and hassle involved in the trip. I nodded to confirm while looking around, trying to find vacant seats for the eight of us. Beads of sweat started to form on my temple; my shirt had begun to form maps of perspiration. The air-conditioners inside the terminal were barely working. I observed my companions to see how they're faring so far. They still looked excited. I heaved a sigh of relief.

We all sat and waited at the back row of pink benches near the comfort room. Matilde, the ship that would ferry us to Romblon, was leaving at 5pm. I initially thought about taking the Batangas-Odiongan route but I realized that it would eat up too much time and extra fare so I decided to go with Batangas-Romblon. There was a direct Roro to Sibuyan Island which charged less fare, however the ship itself had a bad reputation. I didn't want to jeopardize our safety. And so we waited for three hours to board.

A few minutes past five, Matilde sailed forth down south. Our 6-day adventure had officially began. We arrived in Sibuyan 17 hours later. The journey was long and tiring but as the old saying goes, it's not the destination that matters but how you got there.
We met at Jam Terminal in Buendia at around 11. The bus left for Batangas Pier at 11:30AM.

This kid, like us, was waiting for boarding at Batangas Terminal. (Photo by Marj)
We settled our stuff at our respective bunk.  (Photo by Marj)
After having an early dinner, we went to the upper deck to wait for the sunset.
Kid hanging out by the ferry's veranda.
The most awaited sunset.
The ship docked at Romblon Bay at around 3 in the morning. We got off and waited for the next Roro.
Port of Romblon. 6AM.
Wooden crates ready to be transported.
Passenger posing for the camera.
Kid watching the fish
Since the ferry didn't arrive until 7, we decided to check out the Fort of San Andres located a few meters from the port.
Unfortunately, it was closed. We could only get a peek inside.
Viewing deck at the Fort of San Andres. From here, you could see Romblon Bay.
The calm waters of Romblon Bay.
Karinderias in front of the plaza.
Quick breakfast at one of the eateries.
Querubin, the Roro bound for Sibuyan, arrived at 7.
We hopped on board for a 2-hour sail.
There was nothing much to do but to sleep.
Or observe the sea.
Watch fellow passengers.
Read a book.
Or lounge at the top deck.

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