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Places to Go When You're Broken-Hearted

Monday, February 11, 2013Ryan Mach

Okay. So it's the month of love and your heart is broken. The timing couldn't have been more dramatic. I mean it's fine to have your heart broken on some random days of the year but certainly not this month, right? Just the thought of spending Valentine's Day all alone is downright sad and simply depressing. Ah... what are you going to do on the 14th, eh?

Telling all these may feel like putting salt in your fresh wound. My apologies. It's not my intention to hurt you. To hurt someone who's already messed up is sheer cruelty. What you need right now is some cheering up because you look like you're in terrible pain. Listen, let's pretend I've been down the same road before and I know how hard it is to be in the same situation as yours. Makes you want to do all sort of crazy stuff that only a depressed person can think of. But don't you ever lose it - the pain, the heartache, it will go away. It will just do. I'm not sure when and how but believe me, it's just temporary. You'll get over it. And someday, you will reminisce this whole thing with a smile on your face.

For the mean time, cry. Cry as hard as you want because it helps. Wail, weep and curse if you want to. Get all that anger, frustration and self-pity out of your system. When you have finally pulled yourself together, and wiped the snot that smeared off your pretty face, let's get down to business. It's now time to think of something that will keep you away from the drama. Yeah, we all need drama but too much wallowing in misery does no good. Let's do something that will let you forget the pain even for just a short while. Read a book perhaps? Watch a movie with friends maybe? Wait, I have a better idea - go on a road trip!
Pack some of your stuff and let's hit the road. The act of traveling alone can keep your mind off things, make you relax and help you put things in perspective. There is no better idea to heal a broken heart than a journey to reflect on things and life.

Let me be clear though that you shouldn't travel just to get over the pain or the person who hurt you - you must have the desire to do it in order for this option to work. If meeting new people and experiencing new things aren't your cup of tea, then I'm afraid you might just end up wallowing even more.

So where should you go when you're broken-hearted?

The bus ride down south is long, but you can make yourself busy by reading a book. It helps that you carry a leisurely attitude too. When you've hurdled the seemingly arduous trip, you'll be rewarded by stunning beaches and limestone formations. If you're lucky you can mingle with the Survivor production people who frequent at a bar near Gota Beach. On your way back, drop by at CWC and try wakeboarding.

Carabao Island
Going to an island alone when you're trying to heal a broken heart may not be a good idea because islands tend to be more of a romantic getaway for couples and you are probably more likely to get the impression that everyone seems to be coupled off but you. But I say it depends on the island. Carabao Island for instance isn't a famous destination for honeymooners or holidaymakers so you can be sure that you're not to be reminded by your recent love affair. The long stretch of white-sand beaches can be virtually devoid of couples; they are instead dotted by friendly locals who are either making a living by fishing or merely having fun by taking a swim. Never miss out the stunning sunset in Lanas Beach that can make your heart soar.

If you're looking for a place to just be away from it all, Camiguin can very well fit that bill. It's an enchanting island that's not totally off the radar but it will make you feel like you're miles away from the civilization. The island has hotels, inns and homestays near the beach with sound of waves that can lull you to sleep at night.
You can spend your day by visiting the Old Ruins, snorkeling in the Sunken Cemetery, or trekking to the island's beautiful falls. That natural hot spring water of Ardent will do your mind and body the world of good. And don't skip White Island in your itinerary.  It's a great place to have your mind engaged while your heart is on the mend.

[You won't feel alone in Boracay]

If spending too much time alone can easily leave you feel lonely or too focused on your own sadness, how about meeting people? Boracay can be a great place to mingle and be single. It's not billed as a top tourist destination for nothing.
Apart from beach bumming, you can do hard partying on the many bars that line the famous white-sand beach. The island beats in frantic rhythm, try to go with the flow until you're satiated. If there's a place where you are likely to be reminded that you are still attractive and desirable, it has to be Boracay - with the help of booze of course.

[Forest Camp in Valencia]

It's a good idea to stay in a hostel when you travel alone because it gives you the opportunity to meet fellow travelers from around the world. Harold's Mansion in Dumaguete offers just that - a chance to meet with people who share the same passion and many of them are traveling alone. You can make some great friends that way and learn a thing or two from them.

For dinner, head over to Hayahay where there's great food and music, and for dessert, don't miss out Sans Rival on San Jose Street where you can have a bite or two of their silvanas. The promenade along the beach is also a good place to hang out if you want to think or reflect.

Are you the type of person who goes on a food trip when depressed? Bacolod can be the perfect place for you. With lots of good restaurants offering great cuisines, the City of Smile can be a haven for food trippers. Aboy's, Imay's and Chicken Deli, you'll never run out of choices. The people are warm and friendly so you'll feel at home. It's also a quaint and laid-back city, perfect for the weary soul. Oh yes, you can mend a broken heart there too, when you want a new perspective in life, good food, and warm Negrense.

Not an island person? Fine, you can go for a cosmopolitan buzzing city like Cebu, which can be a great place to get your head on straight! It's a big city so there are a lot of things to do and several places to see. You can visit the Magellan Cross and Sto. Nino Church for instance, eat an authentic Cebu lechon at your heart's content or simply let your hair down by talking to the locals. If you're in the mood for some partying, you can go to many different clubs or bars around the metro. But try not to get drunk.

Go for something completely different to open your soul to a new rhythm of life. Camping for instance. It pushes you to be out of your element. The peaceful Nagsasa Cove can provide the perfect camping site. And if you're one of those people who want to be alone then Nagsasa can give you just that - an opportunity to be virtually isolated. There's not even a signal in the area so you can be sure that you're off the radar. Best to go here with friends though.

El Nido
El Nido may not be too ideal to go if you're steering away from couples-oriented places but it offers a lot of activities to keep you busy through-out the day: island-hopping, snorkeling, diving, hiking, etc. The lagoons and beaches are such a natural wonder that you'll find it hard not to be amazed. They are no place for moping, and you will be able to relax just by bumming on the beach. If you want to mope and be sad, hell, it's better to be mopey and sad in a beautiful place like El Nido. Even if you're traveling alone in El Nido, you'll not be really alone, trust me.
Whichever destination you choose, I wish you all the best. Just keep a positive attitude and know in your heart that broken hearts do heal. Yeah, I know that's one mushy way of putting it but it's the month of love, so it's okay to be corny.

Here's also a thought - if you're nursing a broken heart, it is probably best to face the pain by surrounding yourself with individuals who love you unconditionally. I hope your heart heals soon.


P.S. It is not only time that heals all wounds, travel can do so too.

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