Things to Love About Sagada

Sunday, December 08, 2013Ryan Mach

Sagada is love. And just like love, it comes with a few sacrifices. For starters, going to Sagada takes almost 12 hours of road trip. The high roads zigzagging through mountain sides and cliffs certainly don't help especially for acrophobic. But taking risks and being brave are all part of a journey toward having a great experience and adventure.

Here are the things I love about Sagada..
1. Cold weather. The morning fog rolling in the mountain down to the villages is something you don't see every day
2. People clad in winter clothes.
3. The good-warmheartedness of the locals
4. The simplicity of life.
5. The bashfulness of kids.
6. Bomod-ok Falls
7. The Saturday Market teeming with fresh produce
8. Sumaging Cave - enchanting and deep!

 9. Those towering trees which seem to dance
10.Yoghurt House. Lovely atmosphere. Good food.
11. Walking along Staunton Road until your feet hurt

12. Sagada Lemon Pie House. Great ambiance. Lemon Pie!

13. Bacon and toast at Strawberry Cafe

14. The shops

15. Indigenous Inn. Clean sheets and comfy pillows. With great front and back views.

And pretty much everything. :-)

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