Intramuros Photowalk

Intramuros Pasyal Sunday: A Photowalk

Tuesday, October 22, 2013Ryan Mach

I was on my way to Central Station, where my friend and I planned to meet, when he asked me what kind of afternoon it was. He was running late, perhaps on the fence what attire would suit best. Looking at the Manila skyline, I responded that it wasn't very gloomy - hot but not scorching (apparently not the best time to wear tyvek suits). The subtext of my response was - it's a beautiful day for a leisurely walk.
We began the walk from SM Manila down to eastern gate of Intramuros where the newly erected Bayleaf Hotel stood haughty, proud and handsome.

My friend heard a couple of girls we met by the gate comment in an undertone that we're probably tourists. What with the sunglasses and digital cameras hanging down our neck, we could fit the bill. We scoffed and snorted at the rather funny remark and followed a horse-drawn carriage clip-clopping its way to the ruins.
A group of men whistled to get our attention, offered us their green railroad cart (padyak), brandished their flyers (Sir, tour po, mura lang, marami na kayong mapupuntahan) but we politely shook our head. We couldn't tell them that we're on a walking jaunt, and that riding a padyak would defeat the purpose.
For about three hours, we walked the streets around Intramuros, shot old buildings and people and basically captured every moment we thought was interesting. We had no itinerary to speak of, we mostly roamed with no particular destination in mind. Granted, I've been to this place a couple of times before but those visits were perfunctory. And yes, back in college we toured Intramuros as part of our class activity but that's too long ago and I honestly don't remember much about it.

I was basically playing a tourist, wide-eyed and eager for surprises. I went home dead tired but rejuvenated.
Colorful wheel of a horse-drawn carriage

The Manila Bulletin Building
Newly renovated DOLE building. I honestly thought this was a hotel or a condo complex.
My friend taking a peek inside the barred wall
Mother and son on a tour
We skipped Baluarte de San Diego only because we couldn't afford the admission fee. Lame.
The old San Augustin Church

A wedding was going on that afternoon.
Right beside the church, a man was singing the blues with the kids.
There's a street teeming with shops that sold drawings, postcards and paintings
Perfumes also up for grabs
The Manila Cathedral is temporarily closed for renovation.
The Comelec Building where my friend did his OJT.
Bamboo bicycles
An open theater
Manila Skyline as seen from the walled city
Tourists and dungeons
Intramuros in twilight

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