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12 Reasons to Visit Sibuyan

Monday, June 03, 2013Ryan Mach

Traveling to Sibuyan, Romblon requires patience, time and long ferry ride. It's physically taxing but it's worth it.

1. They have an island called Cresta de Gallo that's uninhabited and beautiful, with white-sand beach and rich marine life.

2. They have lots of falls scattered around the island. It will probably take you a few days before you can visit all of them.
[Dagubdub Falls in the town of Espana is just one of the many falls in Sibuyan]

3. Cantingas River which is reputed to be the country's cleanest can be found in San Fernando, Sibuyan. It never dries up even in the hottest month of the year. It's safe to drink too.

4. Sibuyan is dubbed as the 'Galapagos of Asia' because it has remained in isolation from the rest of the world since its formation. Various unique fauna and flora can be found in its mountains.
[The island of Sibuyan as seen from afar]

5. Toploading - both on trikes and jeepneys - is completely legal.
[Photo credit: Marj Garra of LayOverToLife]

6. Mt. Guiting-guiting, famous for its jagged peak, can be found in Sibuyan.

7. Their shores are ideal for sunset watching.
[Sunset watching in Azagra]

8. For only 50 pesos, you can jump off from a 40-feet ledge down the river.

9. You can have the road to yourself because vehicles hardly pass by.
[Photo credit: Marj Garra of LayOverToLife]

10. Locals are friendly and hospitable.
11. They practice responsible tourism - no concrete cottages near the falls and trails don't have concrete stairs either.
12. Hardly any tourists so you can have the beach to yourself. 
Are you sold, hook line and sinker? Add Sibuyan to your bucket list now.

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