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Monday, May 27, 2013Ryan Mach

Dodging the risk of getting mainstream as far as creating my top 15 blog list is concerned, I initially crossed a few outstanding travel sites off my poll. A rather unfair move because most of those blogs deserve a spot in the Top 15 but they've been at the top of the totem pole for quite some time now so excluding them from my list won't even hurt their standing. But I still ended up adding them to the list. I had to!

Most blogs in my list are considered as the underdogs - blogs that are quite unheard of but feature interesting travel stories and insights. In a sea of travel sites, blogs that capture both the heart and imagination can be sparse. When you find one, you consider it a gem, so you bookmark it and subscribe to their feeds.  I'm hoping readers to discover these outstanding travel blogs.

Without further ado, here's my personal Top Travel Blogs for 2013.
1. Hannah Reyes' Yellow Adventures tops my list. This ladybug is an outstanding photographer whose photos can leave you breathless. The narrative is also top-notch, her words often tug at the heartstrings. When I discovered Hannah's blog, I read all her posts in one go and yearned for more, that's how addicting her posts are. What I like most about her travel blog is she's able to connect to a personal level, whether through photos or her essays. This particular post, written by her partner, is too poignant beyond words, with pictures that are simply lovely and captivating.

2. Two2Travel is a kind of travel blog that looks and feels like an online travel magazine. Maintained by two young travelers, Owen & Nikka, the site chronicles the duo's travel experiences. With helpful guides and kick-ass photos, Two2Travel is slowly (but surely!) making a name in the travel blogosphere. I wouldn't be surprised if they're nominated as the best travel site come end of the year.

3. Adaphobic is more than just an eye-candy. It is rife with helpful guides and beautiful photos. Ada, the owner of the blog, is simply passionate about making travel guides, guides that actually work and contain valuable information. I haven't met her personally but I do think she's a lovely, bubbly girl with an interesting and charming personality, like her blog.

4. Marj Garra's Layover to Life is  a no-frills travel blog with often taut narrative. She claims that her site is a personal journal of her travel experiences but what she probably doesn't know is that her posts provide helpful information to readers who want to see and experience what she's done.

5. When I want to be entertained and be informed at the same time, I head over to Blissfulguro, owned and maintained by a highschool teacher who's got an irrepressible desire to wander off. Although her posts are longer than usual, you'll still find yourself completely engaged in her narrative and learn loads of helpful information on a destination she's featured.

6. Another force to be reckoned with in the writing department is Amer Amor's Juanderkid. The guy is a good writer, no doubt about.

7. What sets PeculiarHours apart from other travel blogs is his photos that often evoke melancholia and nostalgia. Perhaps it's because he uses film, actual film, for his photographs. Not a lot of people do that. Byron doesn't say much in his posts, but when he does he offers insights that can make you really think.

8. When it comes to lists, no one does it better than Paul of Walk Fly Pinoy. The guy has a gift of gab, translated into writing. The quality of his photos is tantamount to those you see in a travel magazine.  

9. Gab of PinoyTravelFreak knows what his readers want - great photos and travel tips. And so he takes pictures beautifully and writes practical guide.  

10. Joining the list is Oman is an Island by a lawyer/backpacker with a law book on one hand and a camera on the other. Having explored almost all provinces in the Philippines this laddie can truly inspire a wanderlust, with his highly-engaging travel stories and equally stunning photos.

11. It's such a shame that Andrew of Random Trippings has decided to shut his blog for some reason. While he now writes using a different blog, his narrative seems devoid of the intense emotional bravado that his old site had. His old account contained nuggets of wisdom which you barely get from other travel bloggers. 

12. I have high respect for travel bloggers who promote their own place. In that regard, I'm including Dhie of IslandGirlTraveller for her undying love for Sibuyan, her home turf.

And my all-time favorite blogs that never fail to inspire me:

13. Ed of SoloFlighted - one of the nicest people in the local travel blogging scene. Ask him anything and he'd tell you everything you need to know.
14. Christian of LakadPilipinas - photos and narrative that are top-notch. It's amazing how he consistently blogs despite his busy schedule.
15. Chyng Reyes of No Spam, No Virus, No Kiddin' - one of the most prolific travel bloggers around. Her humor injected in each post adds charm to her already charming way of narrating things.

How about you, which blogs do you follow?

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