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Tuesday, December 11, 2012Ryan Mach

We were kind of scrambling on Day 3 of our stay in Caramoan. Trying to catch the 9AM boat trip from Guijalo to Sabang, we had to wake up early. But even though we were running on a tight schedule, we did everything in a slow pace. We took time to pack our things and even breakfast became a sluggish affair. The sluggish breakfast was merely due to the fact that we were actually waiting for prawns to be served. Unfortunately, we were already approaching the shore in Sabang when it arrived (late delivery lang ang peg). After stuffing our stomach with protein (lapu-lapu and dilis), we finally bade goodbye to the compound that served as our home for 3 days.

Street just outside the homestay

Outside, the sun seemed to lure us to extend our stay in Caramoan. The weather was simply perfect for another day of island hopping. But we couldn't afford an extended stay. We had to get back to Manila where work was waiting for us, and colleagues were expecting for some provisions. And so we dropped by at a pasalubong store in Centro and bought shirts, key chains and pili candies.

Sunday scene in Centro

Shopping took almost half an hour and it's nearing 9 when we finished. If we still dropped by at the church, we wouldn't catch the boat scheduled to leave at 9AM. We decided to get the 10AM trip instead, and this let us do a side-trip at the old church.

The old church of St. Michael the Archangel seems to be the last stop for every tourist/traveler visiting Caramoan. Situated near the town market and plaza, it does indeed make for a good visit. Its captivating color, mostly red, is easy on the eye.
This Franciscan church was built in the 15th century and has withstood natural calamities such as typhoons and earthquakes, and even the ravages of World War II.
Since it was Sunday, the church was open, allowing us to take a quick peek inside.
We roamed its vast courtyard surrounded by huge trees. The whole place gave an old rustic feel that added to its laid-back appeal. The church, needless to say, will captivate history and architecture buffs. 

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