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There's a Monkey in Katibawasan Falls

Sunday, October 28, 2012Ryan Mach

There's a monkey near the entrance of Katibawasan Falls. Tourists are advised to stay two meters away from this monkey. He's probably a grumpy monkey who doesn't like visitors. This monkey is chained to a tree nearby. He's used to seeing guests going and leaving the falls that he barely gives them a look anymore. He looked like he's comfortable being chained, which was kind of sad because nobody wants to be chained. It takes away one's freedom. He didn't seem like he's going to attack us but we kept our distance anyway. Better safe than sorry.

Before Katibawasan Falls became a tourist attraction in Camiguin, I suppose there was a lot of monkeys in that lush forested area. As people started flocking, monkeys sensing that their territorial freedom was in danger eventually fled to the higher part of Mt. Timoong. And this one particular monkey decided to stay there, but got caught. I reckon he loved being around the falls, that's why he didn't leave. Who wouldn't love the falls anyway?
Measuring about 250 feet, the falls gracefully cascades to a nice little pool surrounded by green ferns and lavender orchids. Trees and twisting vines thrive the walls near the falls. The green pool with ice cold water is ideal for a refreshing swim. It gets extremely cold during rainy season that a quick dive can send you shivering, but it sure is a perfect place to cool off during summer.
We didn't see the monkey on our way out. I think we forgot it's even there. Regardless, the monkey would pay us no mind, just like how he ignored us when we arrived.
*A minimal fee of 20.00 pesos is asked from visitors


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