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A Lonely Stay at Embarcadero de Legazpi

Thursday, August 16, 2012Ryan Mach

It was raining cats and dogs outside, I knew, even if I couldn't hear the patter of rain on the roof. I didn't have to go out and check the weather. It's all over the news, this typhoon named Gener which brought strong gales and heavy downpour in Legazpi. Bicol isn't exactly new to weather disturbances. Located at the eastern side of the country facing the Pacific Ocean, it's constantly being beaten down by typhoons, strong and mild, its atmosphere always finicky and unpredictable.

With Gener intent in ruining my weekend getaway in Legazpi, I was forced to stay indoor and do my round of alternative exploration. But I just couldn't eat all day - solo dinner can be an expensive affair, not to mention lonesome if done more than usual. I knew that my one day stay would be reduced to holing up inside my room, reading a book, surfing the net, watching a film on my laptop - boring stuff no doubt but nevertheless valid excuses for not going out considering the weather condition.

  I did try braving the rain that afternoon though, ignored the dim clouds over the horizon, hoping against hope that I could still get to Cagsawa Ruins warm and dry. On my way to the site however, the rain fell in buckets so I got off the jeepney hastily and took cover inside the Pacific Mall where I aimlessly wandered for a few hours while waiting for the rain to let up. It was already dark and I was soaking wet when I returned to my room at Ellis Ecotel.
My body told me I should conk out and call it a day but my mind rallied against it. There's a party downstairs, the night was still young. Embarcadero, the mall-cum-shopping-complex where the hotel was situated, was having a beauty pageant and a party after as part of its fiesta celebration. Seemed like a great avenue for meeting locals.
Locals, kids, teenagers and adults, were gathered round the atrium apparently waiting for the program to start. It's already past 9. I got bored so I went to the strip of bars that lined downstairs facing the gulf. The rain hadn't abated when I decided to go back to the hotel upstairs. I was a bit sober, light-headed and understandably a little lonely.
What this complex does have is a view: sea and sky in front, the perfectly cone-shaped Mt. Mayon on the left. Before going up to my room, I made a short detour by gazing at the stubble of faint lights from the veranda. This brief pondering was unhealthy for my emotion. It made me realize that I was alone. Rain and cold night were a perfect combination for solitude. But of course, I blamed the growing loneliness to the effect of alcohol.

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