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It's Not Starbucks, It's Itoy's

Sunday, July 15, 2012Ryan Mach

Itoy's occupies a small space along Rizal Avenue
Itoy's Coffee Haus, a homegrown local cafe sandwiched between two commercial establishments along Rizal Avenue in Puerto Princesa, is barely noticeable, thanks to its poor location. Its unimpressive signage bearing a B&W profile shot of the owner perched atop its facade can be easily missed. But none of this observation matters as this coffeehouse is quite famous in the city. People who have gone to Puerto Princesa before highly recommend this place as a must-try. If you ask a local for a good place to while the time away, they will direct you here in a heartbeat.
Apart from coffee, Itoy's serves pasta, cake and pastries
"It's so nice here no?" my friend who suggested Itoy's announced as soon as we got a seat near the entrance. I surveyed the room in one swift look. The interior was homey, with soft, dramatic lights scattered evenly in every corner. It was late Saturday afternoon and there wasn't a lot of customers. I instantly loved the vibe. Although its overall design bears a cunning resemblance to those famous coffee shops in Manila, the provincial charm of Itoy's is what it sets it apart. 
Yummy Blueberry Cake (Php110) and White Pasta (Php120)
For sheer variety, it's hard to beat Itoy's selection of pastries, shake, coffee and even breakfast items. Despite its small space in a busy street, it has become a landmark in its own right. The warm service and homemade food easily win fans, us included.

I could totally spend a few hours here reading while sipping latte.
"Yes, but I don't like their logo. It creeps me out," I whispered, making sure the waiters were out of earshot. "Would have been better if it was cartoonized, me thinks," I muttered as an afterthought. No response from my friends, they were busy checking out the menu. 

We were tired and hungry from the Underground River Tour and the Ugong Rock escapade, so there was an intense desire to eat but we restrained ourselves from ordering anything heavy because we had a reservation at Kalui few hours later that afternoon. We definitely didn't want to ruin our appetite.
Chocolate Shake (Php80)
"We could walk around after we eat though, so by the time we head over to Kalui, we'd be hungry again," I suggested. We were all convinced. After a few minutes, our order arrived - tall glasses of choco frap, small order of bacon & cheese carbonara and a slice of blueberry cake. Their carbonara tasted really good. It would have been fun to just slouch in their comfy couch and engage in an idle chatter but we were determined to enjoy our Kalui dinner so we did some walk after our glasses and plates have been emptied out. It didn't seem to do the trick. 
Love Board
*Itoy's Coffee Haus is located along Rizal Avenue in Puerto Princesa City
*They're open 7 days a week, from 7am until 12am

Next up: A Hearty Dinner at Kalui

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