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Puerto Princesa | First Time to Zipline at Ugong Rock

Thursday, July 12, 2012Ryan Mach

After a gruelling but exciting hike to reach the summit, we emerged at a shelter atop Ugong Rock with a great 360 view of Tagabenit below. Panting and sweating, I took the helmet off and wandered to the edge of the wooden floor to see how high we were. I could feel a tickling sensation sweeping under my feet and the knot in my stomach tightened as I surveyed the zipline cable stretching out over the rice field to a landing platform in a distance.

Our group decided to zipline our way down to the base camp, as opposed to rappelling and caving through the same maze of passageways that honeycombs this limestone formation. I milled around for a bit, undecided  and anxious, eyeing the 350m zipline with great trepidation. Heights scare me, I'm not the most adventurous guy and this zipline thing was totally new to me so you can imagine how nervous I was while waiting for my turn.

The breathtaking bird's eye view of rolling plains and ricefield provided good distraction as our guides started to help us don the safety helmet and harness. My friends wanted me to go first so I wouldn't get creeped out once I saw one of them go zip by. Very thoughtful, except that one friend got too excited that she thought my turn was over so she became the first blood. Nothing terrible happened to her, which strengthened my resolve to face my fear. 
Our friend Cri (middle) was the first one to go
Well, nothing unfortunate happened to me either but I sure half-cursed loudly mid-air after I was released from the platform. It seemed to have done the trick, few seconds later the glide became a soothing fly. I was flying! Oh how great it was to fly. 
The landing platform which was barely visible from the top of Ugong Rock was filled with men who waved and gave orders through hand movements. I could not remember the instructions given prior to the drop so I clumsily did what they were asking. As soon as I hit the elevated wooden deck, 3 local men began unstrapping me in complete, almost weird silence. 

Minutes later, a distant shrill had once again disrupted the silence. 

*Ugong Rock Caving and Ziplining operates daily from 8am to 5pm
*No advance booking required
*Fee is Php250 per person

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