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Adventure in Quiapo? Why Not?

Sunday, December 18, 2011Ryan Mach

So I thought I'd spend the afternoon in Quiapo. And having carefully stuffed my camera inside my pocket, I braved one gloomy Sunday afternoon to do just that - to walk around until I get so tired that I'll sit on one of the pavements beside the busy street to rest. Of course anybody who knows anything about Quaipo knows that unless you have important business going there, you just don't wander around. Well, you technically can but it's not advisable. It's risky and unsafe. And that needless to say was the appeal - it is the thing that you don't do that gives it a sense of adventure.

Adventure in Quaipo? You've got to be kidding!

No, I'm not.

I arrived in Carriedo at 3:15 and observed Quiapo Church from the train station. I confidently took my camera from my pocket and began taking photos of the busy street below. Once I left the station, I knew the real adventure would began. I'm not really a newbie to this part of Manila. I've been here several times but in most ocassions, I was with friends or relatives - scouring for DVDs near the Muslim community, checking for appliances in Raon or attending the mass in Quaipo Church. I don't have any horror story to share.
Similarly, this adventure was devoid of any mishap. The anxiety was there all the time. I was afraid that someone would steal my belongings. This proved to be a harmless yet an exciting trip. Here are the photos of my Quaipo adventure (long overdue since this happened several months back).
Old building beside the station
The famous Quaipo Church
Guitars for sale.
Sto. Ninos for sale

Shirts for sale.
Isetann Mall
Bad structure
Pirated DVDs

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