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Why Travelling on a Budget is not Necessarily a Bad Thing

Sunday, October 16, 2011Ryan Mach

I admire people who hit the road with barely enough bread and money for the trip. Travelling on a shoestring isn’t for everyone but there are a bunch of Jesuses and Kerouacs out there who have the guts to hop on a bus, boat or plane with nothing in their pockets but enough confidence and a sense of adventure.

Travelling has become much more affordable because of seat sales.

Truth is, it’s really possible to travel around the country (let’s save the ‘world’ for another article) without any money. Just don’t expect your adventure to be all roses and fun. At the very least, you might find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere because you have no money for transportation. Worse, you’ll find yourself starving. Granted, Filipinos in general are accommodating and hospitable so the chances of being taken care of by a family in a far-flung province in the North or an isolated island in the South are pretty much high.

If there’s one thing that hitting rock bottom can teach you as a traveler, it’s that certain comfort in knowing that things can’t get any much worse. Once you’ve hurdled your first ‘adventure on a budget,’ you’ll be proud and confident to try another one and the succeeding trips will be a breeze because by then you will have overcome the fear that keeps most backpackers from hitting the road.
But travelling on a budget, or without money is a humility trip.

You will be missing the point of the journey if you end up feeling cocky and superior about the fact that you have become a hardcore traveler. Keep in mind that travelling is about giving and taking in return. I know it sounds mushy but the trick in receiving help and kindness from strangers and local people is keeping a good attitude and positive energy.

Good luck on your adventure.

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