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Sunday, March 23, 2014Ryan Mach

A few months ago, making our way around Kapitolyo in Pasig looking for the inconspicuous Kanto Freestyle Breakfast, we asked a random trike driver if he was familiar with the restaurant. Without batting an eyelash, he pointed us the block at the corner of the intersection. We thought he was taking "Kanto" as kanto. You know, the Filipino term for street corner. Since all cities in the metro have a kanto, asking for it without being clear about it is as tedious as it can get. We ended up eating at a different restaurant.
Traffic free in Kapitolyo
Hanging plants on the gate
Tables are always occupied during the busy hours

But yesterday, as we took a right turn along 1st Street in Kapitolyo, I realized that the trike driver was actually pointing us to the right direction. Kanto is indeed located a few meters away from the intersection of West Capitol Drive and St. Rafael St. I was glad I was with people who know the place by heart. Getting there was a cinch.
Straightforward menu

Getting a table at Kanto however was not. Word has spread around quickly that a new branch can be found in Kapitolyo which is a famous food district in the metro. It didn't come as a surprise to see people flocking at the restaurant even that early. Utterly famished, we had to wait for our turn.

I've been to Kanto's branch in Mandaluyong a few times before when our office was still in Makati. Seeing the new branch in Kapitolyo set inside a residential garage converted into a dine-in restaurant, I couldn't help making some comparisons. The original Kanto Freestyle branch has tables and chairs set up practically along the sidewalk whereas the Kapitolyo branch has them cramped inside a garage space, though it still maintains this neighborhood feel and homey vibe which is palpable in its home in Mandaluyong. There's also a lot of shade in Kapitolyo, thanks to the big tree just outside the gate.
Customers waiting for their turn
The Kanto branch in Kapitolyo doesn't work on pay-as-you-order basis either. The waiters wait for you to be seated then take your order. The bill comes right after you finished your food. Such set-up only becomes an issue if they don't allow placing orders in advance and there's a long queue because your order doesn't get prepared until you have secured a table. They also have a 5% charge on top of the prices.
Photos that chronicle Kanto's humble beginnings

What the Kapitolyo branch has that the old branch doesn't are those framed bywords and motto hanging on the walls. If you ask me however, the place is better off without them.

The quality and taste of food as well as the service remain the same. Here are some of the food we ordered.
French toast with bacon and eggs (90)

Crispy pork belly (90)
Tocino (90)

Blueberry Pancake (90)

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast Kapitolyo
1st Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City
They are open 24/7
You can follow them in Twitter: @kantobfast and in Instagram: @kantobfast

How to in Get in Kanto Kapitolyo

If you're commuting, you can hop on a jeepney bound for Pasig at Edsa Central along Shaw Blvd then get off at Kapitolyo. When you see the gate beside Petron, take a right turn on the first corner and walk along San Rafael Street until you see 1st Street. Turn left and you will see Kanto Freestyle to your right.

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